John Dooley is an writer/performer from Chicago who has watched Chicago sports his entire life.

His last site, www.ghostofpaulnoce.com burnt to the ground when he had a nervous breakdown of epic proportions.  After dedicating the majority of his blogging to the Cubs and Blackhawks, Dooley is taking his talents elsewhere.

John is a graduate of the iO writing and performance programs, and is currently an artistic member of the Focal Point Theatre Community.

John is a Blackhawks season-ticket holder, cultish Missouri Valley Conference fan, a Cubs fan who hates Cubs fans, a self-proclaimed lover of PT Willis, and a smeller of Granville Waiters’ armpits. (He’s also a father, husband, and wonderful omelet maker!)

It’s time for us to do what we do best:  Laugh at the ridiculousness.

Obviously, this is not real news.  The names and faces are real-life characters, but is all in jest.

John can be contacted at kittyhawkchicago@gmail.com